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Become Real

Online Self-Help for Emotional and Spiritual Pain and Suffering

Do you wonder why your life happens the way it does?

Is your personal life in crisis?
Have you got problems in your life?
Are you confused about life?
Do you want to change the way your life happens?

By accessing the Become Real process online now, you can begin to change the way your life happens.

It's not a cure-all - it's a straightforward uncovering of your lifetime survival strategies and can be a major step on the way to emotional healing, personal growth and spiritual freedom.

Your "Universal Generator" just provided me with some of the most amazing and personally significant guidance I have ever received. It makes me want to find out everything I can about it. How did it get started? Are there people still working on its development? What are the future plans? Are there any organizations/networks connected with it or with awakening human consciousness that I should know about?"

Truly grateful,
Pittsburgh, PA

What it is:

The easy-to-use BecomeReal process is a unique and all-embracing distillation of radical historical approaches to the way our lives work and cutting-edge new discoveries in socio-psychology, meme theory and psychotherapeutic practice.

This distillation has been programmed into a unique computer algorithm called the Universal Generator.

The Universal Generator algorithm uses a short series of questions to uncover the particular survival strategy and approach to life you have created over many years, to try and make sense of and cope with the painful, confusing, and often impossible ideas about yourself and life that have been imposed on you by family and society.

The more of a mismatch there is between what you are told you should feel and do and what you actually experience as real for you, the more difficult it becomes to make sense of it and the more of a "Problem" you have to deal with.

If you access the Universal Generator you will find real information and revelations about the way your life happens, tools to take back control of your life, make changes and be on the way to gain emotional balance and mental and spiritual well-being.

The BecomeReal process is down-to-earth, has no hidden agenda and there is nothing you have to believe.

What you will get:

It will reveal your particular life-survival dynamic.
It will suggest simple and direct ways to bring your life back to balance.
It will provide a special "Make the Decision" process and tools that will help you make and maintain the changes in your life.
You will receive your personal, specific-to-you results onscreen instantly.

You can do it online, now:

It takes only a few minutes to answer the questions.
It only costs US$35.

Process completion Guarantee:

If for any reason you experience a connection problem before accessing or completing the Process, you can re-access the Process for free with your payment receipt number.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you're not satisfied with your access to the Universal Generator within 30 days, we will refund the complete fee.

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